Transportation Services

We offer professional service at a good price:
  • Transfer to the airport (from Otavalo):             $55

  • Transfer from the airport (to Otavalo):             $55

  • Transfer to Cuicocha lake (one way):                $10 

  • Transfer to Mojanda lake (one way):                 $10

  • Transfer to Mojanda lake (round trip):              $20

  • Transfer to Condor park (one way):                     $5

  • Transfer to San Pablo lake (one way):                 $5

  • Transfer to Cotacachi (one way):                         $5

  • Transfer to Taxopamba waterfall (one way):       $3

  • Transfer to Peguche waterfall (one way):            $2

  • Transfer to Peguche town (one way):                  $2


If you want the taxi to wait for you, you will need to pay $10 for each hour of waiting.

With this option you can choose the place, time, and how long you would like to spend at a location.